The House meets in the afternoon to start work on the House GOP budget for 2015.

Members will start with the rule for the budget resolution, which is H.Con.Res. 96. That rule allows debate and vote on five alternative budgets that are in the form of amendments to the main GOP budget.


As usual, the different amendments represent the different points of view of the groups submitting those amendments. The Congressional Black Caucus budget spends the most in 2015, at $3.26 trillion.

That's followed by the Progressive Caucus budget at $3.20 trillion, the Obama administration budget at $3.14 trillion, and the mainstream Democratic budget at $3.07 trillion.

The GOP budget spends $2.92 trillion, and is higher only than the Republican Study Committee proposal, which clocks in at $2.82 trillion.

Once the rule is passed, members will debate the budget for four hours, a process that will start today and finish on Wednesday. Votes on the various budget amendments will also begin Wednesday.

Also today, the House will consider the last of three budget reform bills. This is the Baseline Reform Act, H.R. 1871, which would prevent automatic inflation increases in the budgets from one year to the next.

The Senate is in, but is likely to be in a holding pattern today as it waits for a procedural vote Wednesday on he Paycheck Fairness Act, S. 2199.

On Monday, Democrats set up a vote to end debate on a motion to proceed to this bill.