McConnell: Democratic plan is ‘”Thelma and Louise” economics’

“You might call it ‘Thelma and Louise’ economics — right off the cliff.”

{mosads}McConnell also criticized President Obama’s recent calls for “fairness” in the tax structure.

“Following the president’s lead, Democrats are declaring ideological warfare. And the banner they’re marching under is emblazoned with a single word: ‘fairness,’ ” McConnell said.

“Here’s the problem — ‘fairness’ turns out to be a lot like hope and change. You don’t know what it means until it’s put into practice. But one thing history, common sense and basic economics tell us is that it doesn’t mean what Democrats say it does. Because when they say tax the rich, the middle class isn’t far behind.”

McConnell said Republicans don’t want to increase taxes on anyone because the Democrats would only use that money to grow government.

“Just ask yourself: When was the last time a government program stuck to its original mission?”


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