Members of the House’s mostly conservative freshman class approached House leadership last month as the 2011 budget proposal was being drafted, demanding deeper cuts in return for their support.

As expected, Reid said he would not support the measure. He added that he didn’t know a single Senate Democrat who would. A test vote to move the budget proposal forward is scheduled for Tuesday.

“I won’t support that, and neither will any other Democrat I know of here in the Senate,” said Reid.

The Senate will also consider a Democratic budget proposal that would cut another $6.5 billion in spending compared to 2010 levels.

Reid noted in his floor speech that both plans are expected to fall short of the 60 votes required to move them forward under Senate rules.

“Everyone has done the math,” said Reid. “Everyone knows how these votes will turn out. Likely neither proposal will pass and neither will reach the president’s desk, and we will go back to square one at the negotiating table.”