“He has a lot of compassion for himself, but he doesn’t seem to have compassion for people who earn 50,000 or 40,000, 30,000 or 20,000 — a lot less than he makes,” said Boxer.

Duffy made the comments earlier this week while speaking at a town-hall meeting in his home state.

"I struggle to meet my bills right now," Duffy said, according to reports. "At this point, I'm not living high off the hog."

Boxer referenced his comments in her speech that called on the House GOP leadership to take up her bill that stipulates that the president and members of Congress will not be paid in the event of a government shutdown. The current resolution funding the government runs through April 8. The Senate passed Boxer's legislation earlier this month.

“I know he has a big family, and God bless each of them,” Boxer said of Duffy.  “But let us not be so selfish. Have compassion for your fellow human being.”

Duffy, a former cast member of MTV's "Real World," and his wife have six children.