When Democrats call on the Tea Party to compromise, what they want them to agree to is tax increases, according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

“They tell the Tea Party, 'You need to compromise,'” he said on the Senate floor Thursday. “But you know what the compromise is? They want to raise your taxes. The debt commission wants to raise your taxes. The president wants to raise your taxes.”

Paul, the founder of the Senate's Tea Party Caucus, also criticized President Obama's Wednesday speech, in which the president called for deficit reduction.

“He said he’s going to cut $4 trillion,” said Paul. “Well, try to read what's going on here. He said he was going to spend $46 trillion a month ago in his budget.”

When the freshman lawmaker delivered his maiden speech February to the Senate, he said he had not come to the upper chamber to compromise, but to pursue reform.

“I thought long and hard about that question,” said Paul in that speech. “Is compromise the noble position? Is compromise a sign of enlightenment? Will compromise allow us to ignore the looming debt crisis?”