Coburns office has cited a government report stating that in 2008, $49 million was paid to farmers who exceeded the current income limits in the program, currently set at $2.5 million in adjusted gross income. GAO has also said the government does not have the needed controls in place to manage the program properly.

Coburn also put forward an amendment that would end payments to slumlords to manage properties that put the health and safety of families at risk. But while Coburn was prepared to offer another 10 amendments, he said Senate leaders have decided to only let him offer two amendments, and criticized this decision.

The fact is, is that we should not be limiting amendments, he said. Lets get them out there, lets do them.

Coburn added that while Democrats say they are trying to move the minibus spending bill this week, he was prepared to introduce all of his proposals Tuesday night, and said there would be plenty of time to consider them all if Senate Democrats were prepared to work.

Fifteen percent of the people have confidence in us, and I understand why, because we spend most of our time around here in a quorum call, he said. The country is onto us. Eighty-five percent think were doing a lousy job. I wonder why its that low.