Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.) introduced a bill Thursday that would require Congress to pass a balanced budget resolution before recessing ever again.


“Montana families don’t leave work before the job is done, and Congress shouldn’t get taxpayer-funded trips back home until they’ve addressed the national debt,” Walsh said.

The Do Your Job Act, S. 2313, would cancel all congressional breaks until a balanced budget resolution were adopted by both chambers.

Walsh said his bill would also require each congressional office to submit its travel budget before the budget resolution deadline — anything not spent in that account by the end of the year would go toward deficit reduction.

“This is the issue I hear most about from Montanans and I’m sure our neighbors across the country agree that Congress must solve this issue before going back home to ask their constituents for votes,” Walsh said. “We have to responsibly address this issue.”

Walsh was appointed to replace former Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), who is now the U.S. ambassador to China. Walsh is expected to have a tough election in November to keep the seat.