Reid: House has ‘twiddled their thumbs’ on immigration
© Greg Nash

Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidHarry Mason ReidWhite House seeks to shield Biden from GOP attacks on crime issue Lobbying world Warner backing 'small carve-out' on filibuster for voting rights MORE (D-Nev.) blasted House Republicans for failing to take up comprehensive immigration reform 321 days after the Senate passed legislation on a bipartisan vote.

“This morning marks 321 days since this body passed commonsense immigration reform,” Reid said on the Senate floor Wednesday. “The House of Representatives has done absolutely nothing.”


Reid said that to “extremists” in the House 321 days must feel like nothing, but to illegal immigrants it has felt like a lifetime.

“Undocumented immigrants have lived in fear for the last 46 weeks … all while House Republicans have twiddled their thumbs,” Reid said. “Enough is enough. They’ve wasted far too much time.”

Last summer, the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would have set up a pathway for citizenship for some immigrants, increased visas and invested in more border security. But Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has refused to take up the legislation.

Reid said that if the House doesn’t take up the comprehensive bill then the Senate’s action was meaningless.

Some House Republicans have called for a piecemeal approach to immigration reform rather than a comprehensive package, but Reid said because the whole system is broken a comprehensive approach was needed.