"I rise today in defense of the Constitution," said Paul, speaking from the Senate floor. "[I] am not surprised that the president has engaged in unconstitutional behavior. His healthcare law was unconstitutional. His war with Libya was unconstitutional … this president has become a president who is prone to lawless and unconstitutional behavior."

Obama on Jan. 4 caused a firestorm when he appointed Richard Cordray to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and made appointments the National Labor Relations Board despite the fact that the Senate was holding regular pro forma sessions specifically designed to prevent recess appointments. The Constitution requires that members of the president's Cabinet receive the consent of the Senate unless it is in recess. 

Paul went on to express consternation that not a single Senate Democrat had risen "in defense of the Constitution" to "oppose the president on this unconstitutional power grab."


This move "eviscerates the advise and consent clause of the Constitution," said Paul. "[W]here is your concern for the checks and balances? Where is your concern for the Constitution?"