"In 2009, largely because of the very partisan stimulus package the president passed, the deficit wasn't $1.2 trillion, it was $1.4 trillion. That was followed in 2010 by $1.29 trillion and then in fiscal year 2011 1.3 trillion, and the latest [Congressional Budget Office] estimate for our deficit for this year will be 1.25 trillion — almost $1.3 trillion," Johnson said Monday.

"That's double what the president promised in terms of budget control," Johnson continued. "Now moving forward, this president, in his budget, is projecting increasing our debt from about $15.6 to over $25 trillion. But I'm not sure that's particularly believable."

The senator from Wisconsin added that Obama has a duty to be more upfront about the deficit.

"I think the president of the United States has a very serious responsibility not to mislead the American public," Johnson said. "I think the president of the United States has a — obligation — duty not to mislead the American public, and that's what he did in this case."

In the same speech, Johnson accused Democrats to being the major obstructionists to compromise in the Senate. Senate Democrats have accused Republicans of refusing to compromise on legislation that should easily and quickly pass their chamber. But Johnson said that Democrats were the ones who actually need to start compromising.

"That's the basic minimum of what I think needs to be done in the Senate," Johnson said.