Reid acknowledged that the slow pace of the Senate has created a backlog of work that it needs to complete, but said that makes it even more puzzling why Republicans would want to spend a day on five GOP budget resolutions that are doomed to fail.


"With a mile-long list to do, we can't afford to waste any time," Reid said. "Yet today, Republicans will force the Senate to waste a day on a series of political show-votes. We'll spend hours debating and voting on a handful of non-binding budget resolutions, even though we already have a legally binding budget.

"Republicans aren't interested in getting anything done this year. They've said so from the very beginning," he added. "Their leader, my friend from Kentucky, has said the No. 1 issue is to defeat President Obama. So they don't mind wasting a day of the Senate's time on useless, political show-votes."

Reid was referring to a six-hour debate on five Republican budget resolutions that will occur Wednesday, which Republicans forced as a way to protest the Senate's failure to pass any budget resolution for the last three years. Democrats have said repeatedly that a budget resolution is not needed because Congress agreed last year to set budget caps for the next decade.

Reid on Wednesday accused Republicans of having "amnesia," saying they're forgetting that the Budget Control Act is all that's needed. "Why else would they walk around Washington claiming we don't have a budget?" he asked.

Republicans, by contrast, have argued that a budget resolution is needed to help set spending priorities under those caps.

None of the GOP budgets are expected to pass today, as Democrats will vote against them all. One of the five GOP resolutions reflects President Obama's budget, which already went down in a unanimous vote earlier this year.