Coburn filed the amendment, #2214, to the the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012 (S.3240) bill on Thursday.

Coburn's amendment would prohibit the federal government from funding political party conventions and instead send those funds to the Treasury Department to reduce the deficit. The prohibition on federal funding is effective December 31, 2012 meaning it would not apply to the party conventions in late August and early September.

Coburn introduced identical legislation as a standalone bill on Monday.

Coburn's is one of a number of amendments senators have introduced that could stall the farm bill. A major deciding factor in passing recent legislation has been on how many and what amendments Senate Republicans and Democrats agree to. If the Senate cannot agree on how many amendments and which amendments to consider to the farm bill the legislation could stall in the chamber, despite having broad bipartisan support. 

Also on Thursday the Senate voted to end debate on a motion to proceed to the bill.