Cardin: No consensus on AUMF
© Greg Nash
The Obama administration sent a proposal for an AUMF to Congress in mid-February after months of lawmakers clamoring for Obama to hand over a draft. But Cardin said members of the Foreign Relations Committee are still far from agreement. 
'The challenge is that we are not close to a consensus," he said. "I know Senator [Bob] Corker and I are looking forward to having those discussions, talking to our members and seeing where we can end up." 
Republicans have voiced concerns that Obama's proposal would put too many restrictions on troops, while some Democrats want to require the legislation to specifically ban the use of ground combat troops. 
Cardin said while he thinks Democrats on the Foreign Relations Committee are united, "we might not be on the same page as the president."
“i don’t know if we can go with their language, but I think we can get the White House in agreement with the Democrats. I think we can do that," he said. "I think we can reach a common level of comfort." 
Cardin's remarks follow comments from Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), who said last week his colleagues haven't given up on passing the war powers legislation. He added he has received commitments from Cardin and Corker that they would “take this very seriously.” 
Corker told reporters Tuesday he would start discussions over a potential AUMF in the coming weeks. 
"I've made a commitment to begin discussions and then we would take it up if I can see a pathway forward," he told Defense News.