Senators want Obama to crack down on North Korea
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The two senators introduced legislation Thursday that would expand the administration's ability to sanction property or seize the financial assets of individuals or organizations that aid the North Korean government. 
The legislation would allow the administration to seize property and assets or deny visas to individuals and institutions that carry out, or assist in carrying out, a wide range of activities including nuclear proliferation, arms trading and cyberattacks.
It would also limit foreign assistance to any country that provides lethal military arms to the North Korean government. 
The legislation requires the administration to turn over a handful of reports, including one within roughly six months on the effort to implement the legislation, as well as the administration's policy toward North Korea and any additional needed bills. 
The senators pointed to "repeated violations" of the country's pledge to dismantle its nuclear program. According to the legislation, they are hoping to use the extra sanctions to "provide diplomatic leverage to negotiate necessary changes in North Korea’s conduct."
Menendez added that the proposal "will strengthen the hand of the administration," saying that "we must utilize every tool at our disposal." 
Graham called North Korea a "reckless, provocative regime," adding that the country's actions "must result in a higher price to be paid."