McConnell: Senate to vote again on highway bill
Democrats, and several Republicans, blocked a procedural move on Tuesday, arguing that they needed more time to read the legislation, which was unveiled hours earlier. 
"I regret that yesterday's procedural vote on the multiyear bipartisan highway bill was not successful," the Republican leader said on Wednesday. "Some members said they wanted more time to review it before agreeing to talk about it, so we'll take that procedural vote again later today." 
A vote has not been scheduled, and Democrats are expected to huddle early Wednesday afternoon to discuss the legislation. 
"It's my hope that we can work our way through all the issues dealing with this legislation," the Democratic leader said. "There are some significant issues. I've already been alerted by my staff. … Some of the pay-fors are somewhat questionable."
The Republican leader touted the deal as the latest example of his party being able to bring back "regular order," adding that "my view is if you can agree on a policy that's good for the American people, you should be willing to look past the 'D' or 'R' next to somebody's name."
Lawmakers face a July 31 deadline to pass the highway bill, and McConnell is threatening to make senators work a rare Saturday session.