GOP senator: 'Foolish' to lift Iran sanctions
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Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) is calling on the Obama administration to keep sanctions against Iran in place, suggesting they would provide leverage to get the country to comply with its nuclear deal. 

"We urge the president to reconsider the path he is on, before it is too late. He should not surrender to the fear of losing a so-called political legacy and must maintain the sanctions on Iran," Toomey wrote in Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed with former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. 
The two Republicans added that it would be "foolish" to lift the sanctions, which they say provide the "only incentive for Iran to even pretend to comply with the agreement."
Under the nuclear deal, the administration will lift sanctions against Iran on "Implementation Day." While the date hasn't been decided, Iran has suggested it could come as early as this month. Deciding not to lift sanctions, considered crucial to getting Iran to the negotiating table, would likely spell the end of the agreement.
The two Republicans argue that Iran has acted in bad faith since the nuclear agreement was announced in mid-2015, including launching ballistic missile tests that violated U.N. resolutions and supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the country's years-long civil war.
Toomey is part of a growing number of Senate Republicans who are urging Obama to not lift sanctions against Iran as required by the nuclear deal. 
She also spearheaded a letter to Obama, signed by 34 of her Republican colleagues including Toomey, that called on the administration to hold off on lifting sanctions because of the recent missile test.