“In this deal we’re about to vote on, logic is turned on it’s head,” Harkin said on the floor early Tuesday morning after the Senate received a Congressional Budget Office estimate on the package, which extends the Bush-era tax rates for families making less than $450,000 and delays sequestration for two months.


Harkin said that he does not think the legislation makes the “real” middle class the top priority. He said those making $400,000 a year should not be considered middle-class and that this package was based on a trickle-down economic theory.

“This legislation falls short,” Harkin said. “First, it does not address the number one priority, creating middle-class jobs.”

Harkin said that Republicans will push for more spending cuts during the debt ceiling negotiation, so Democrats should have insisted on raising revenue on those making at least more than $250,000 to ensure the middle class wasn't hit harder by the cuts.