Graham: Let special prosecutor probe Clinton emails
© Greg Nash
“If you're waiting on this Justice Department to hold anybody in the Obama-Clinton world accountable, you'll die of old age. It’s sad but it's true," Graham said in a statement Thursday. 
Graham, speaking during a Fox News interview, added Thursday that Clinton's statements about the private email setup she used while secretary of State have "fallen."
“She said she turned over everything that was work-related, but there's thousands of work-related emails that have not been turned over.  It's time for a special prosecutor to investigate this matter," he said. 
The email controversy — which as included numerous lawsuits, investigations and an FBI probe — seems likely to haunt Clinton all the way to Election Day despite none of the inquiries so far resulting in charges against the candidate or her aides.
Through its legal actions, conservative group Judicial Watch is releasing a steady stream of emails and keeping the issue under the spotlight. State Department lawyers also confirmed this week that the FBI uncovered almost 15,000 documents sent directly to or from Clinton that were previously undisclosed.