Bennet’s comments came hours after House Republicans failed to pass their own bill. House Republican leadership was shocked by the failure and blamed Democrats for not supporting the bill, which cut the food stamps program by more than $20 billion. Most House Democrats would likely support the Senate bill despite the fact that is too cuts food stamps, but by only $4 billion. 


“Today the House of Representatives voted their own bill down and farmers and ranchers in Colorado who are working hard trying to support their families ... are left to scratch their head once again about why Congress can’t get their work done,” Bennet said.

Bennet argued that because the Senate bill had the support of more than 10 Republicans and reduced spending by $24 billion, the House shouldn’t have a problem voting on the legislation.

The current farm bill expires in September, putting added pressure on the House to get something done before the month-long August recess. At this point it is unclear what House leadership will do.