Hatch’s comment was prompted by a recent announcement from the administration that it is delaying the employer healthcare mandate until 2015. Hatch also criticized the administration for admitting that it will not be able to verify the incomes of people applying for need-based assistance to buy healthcare.


“Everyone knows it’s an abominable bill,” Hatch said of the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare. “It’s simply not ready for prime time. ... This bill is simply too big to work.”

Hatch said he doesn’t understand why the American public hasn’t risen up against the “stupid” law.

“It’s mind boggling that the American people haven’t risen up against this stupid bill,” Hatch said. “It’s eating America alive.”

Hatch said Democrats are trying to “revisit socialism” with the law that requires every citizen to have healthcare coverage or pay a fine. Democrats argue the law has already benefited people with preexisting conditions, those under the age of 26 who can stay of their parents’ health insurance and women who have more access to preventative care.