Earlier this month, President Obama announced that he would delay the employer healthcare mandate until 2015. The House then voted on a measure that would do just that, in addition to one that would also delay the individual healthcare mandate.


McConnell’s comment was prompted by Obama’s speech on Wednesday where he called on lawmakers to work with him to pass legislation to help the economic recovery.

McConnell said one step that could be taken to help the economy would be to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also called ObamaCare. Republicans argue that the employer mandate, requiring businesses to provide health insurance for its full-time employees, is causing businesses to reduce workers hours and lay people off.

“I know the president likes to point to the few places, as he did yesterday, where premiums might drop under ObamaCare. But he’s basically silent on the places where it’s been announced that premiums will go up under ObamaCare,” McConnell said. “And he won’t say a word about all the people who have lost their jobs or have seen their pay cut.”

McConnell said Republicans are ready to work with Obama once he’s done “campaigning.”