Schumer: Democrats will fight Trump 'tooth and nail'
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"On most areas, we're going to have to fight him, and we'll fight him tooth and nail," the Senate's top Democrat told NBC News’s "Today Show." "The last thing he said there is he wants to drain the swamp. ... This swamp is getting more filled with alligators.”
Schumer pointed to Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and Trump's Cabinet picks as two early fights between the incoming administration and Senate Democrats. 
Democrats have frequently blasted Trump's Cabinet picks, arguing their wealth and potential conflicts of interest deserve extra scrutiny. 
But they have also signaled they are willing to offer an olive branch to Trump on some policy issues. Schumer stressed on Friday that Democrats wouldn't say "no" to a proposal just because the president-elect supports it. 
"There are certain issues, if he sticks to good values that we believe in, we'll work with him," he said. "We're not going to oppose things just because Trump's name is on it." 
The New York Democrat pointed to trade and infrastructure spending as two areas of potential cooperation, but noted on most bills Republicans will need Democratic support to clear legislation through the upper chamber. 
"We are sort of the bulwark against some of the things president-elect Trump might try to do that won't be acceptable to our values or the American people," he said. "There are issue after issue because of the way the Senate works. They'll need 60 votes."
Republicans have a 52-seat majority, meaning they'll need to win over at least eight Democrats. They're hopeful that the 10 Democrats from states that Trump carried in the White House race will buck their party and work with them to help get Trump's agenda through Congress.