Flake says he and his family got death threats 'from the right'
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"Fast forward to today, I'll be on a call … with some U.S. attorneys who are deciding where to arraign somebody who's been indicted for death threats against me and my family. ... That one is from the right, but there are some on the left as well," Flake said at a political forum being hosted by CNN. 
Flake didn't specify which individual has made threats against him and his family. But The Associated Press reported last week that James Dean Blevins had been indicted in Arizona for threats made against "United States Senator J.F." 

Flake's comments on Monday came as he was discussing political violence, including the 2011 shooting of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) and the 2017 shooting at a practice session for the annual congressional baseball game. 
"I just remember thinking at that time, 'Why us, why? How could somebody look at a bunch of middle-aged men playing baseball and see the enemy?' It was just a horrible, horrible moment and that's what sticks with me more than anything," Flake said on Monday about the 2017 shooting.
He added that politicians have to "tone down the rhetoric."
"We've got to do better. We have to tone down the rhetoric. We have to be in a better place in the future than we are right now," he said. 
Tensions around the Capitol spiked during Kavanaugh's nomination. 
Senators, in both parties, acknowledged that they had received vulgar or threatening messages and several members used a Capitol Police escort to get to votes or hearings.