The House voted Monday night to transfer five acres of land from the Los Padres National Forest in California to the White Lotus Foundation, a self-described spiritual foundation that trains and certifies yoga instructors.

Members approved the bill, H.R. 3008, in a 367-27 vote. All "no" votes were from Republican members.


A report on the bill from the House Natural Resources Committee says the foundation is only accessible by one road, and that without access to additional land, it would have to cease operations.

The bill is one of three non-controversial bills the House approved Monday night. In a 394-0 vote, members passed H.R. 2166, the Good Samaritan Search and Recovery Act, which would require the federal govenrment to provide permits for volunteer search and recovery operations on federal land.

The bill was proposed after it took about a year for the government to provide the necessary permits to find two missing people last year.

And in a voice vote, members passed H.R. 1684, which would convey land to an historic ranch in Wyoming.