Kathryn Bigelow fans, take note: the Academy Award-winning director says she always makes a point of making a pit stop at one particular spot when she’s in the nation’s capital.

“Every time I’m here, I always visit the Vietnam Memorial, and I actually don’t leave until I’ve gone there and spent some time there so it’s very important to me,” she tells The Hill.


Bigelow, 61, was among the honorees Monday at America Abroad Media’s inaugural awards dinner in downtown Washington, where she was praised for her portrayal of war and counterterrorism in her films “The Hurt Locker” and “Zero Dark Thirty.”

“It’s actually quite humbling to be associated with an organization that promotes a very thoughtful understanding of the Muslim world, and I think that should be applauded,” said Bigelow, after making brief appearance on the red carpet.

Indian actor and director Aamir Khan and the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict were also recognized for their work. The group says its mission is to “promote the free exchange of ideas, foster critical thinking, and empower self-governing citizens worldwide.”


Photo: Dennis Kan/America Abroad Media