Just-named ABC “World News” anchor David Muir says his ultimate “gets” for an interview are Pope Francis, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, and a certain buzz-worthy former secretary of State.

“If Hillary Clinton called to tell me she was running for president, it might make a little news,” Muir tells Gotham magazine.


ABC News announced on Wednesday that Muir was taking the reins at the network’s evening newscast. Diane Sawyer, who’s been with the program for five years, will step down in August for a new position at the network.

Muir, 40, also addressed entertainment news site TMZ.com’s description of him as the “Brad Pitt of news anchors.” The journalist says the late “World News” anchor Peter Jennings was dubbed with a similar title of “James Bond.”

“I think I have to apologize to Brad Pitt,” Muir said, “but Peter was James Bond.”

The full interview will run in Gotham’s upcoming summer issue.