His character is known to nosh at the fictional barbecue joint Freddy’s Ribs on “House of Cards,” but now the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants Kevin Spacey to switch to a meat-free version of the finger-licking food.


ITK wrote earlier this week of a “House of Cards”-themed fundraising contest featuring Spacey, who plays Frank Underwood, a sinister politician on the Netflix political thriller.

The winner of the raffle, which raises money for two historical theaters, will get to “have a Freddy’s-style BBQ lunch and get to perfect your acting skills” in a rehearsal with the Academy Award-winner.

In a letter sent Friday to Spacey, PETA says it's “respectfully asking that the prize dinner feature delicious ‘fib ribs’ or Field Roast vegan offerings instead of ribs so that the theater will not benefit at the expense of other vital social interests.”

The animal rights group is even putting money where their vegan and vegetarian mouths are, writing, “In return, we’d have a PETA donor best the current top-tier donation with a check for $6,000."

The letter asks entertainer to, “Please use your influence to seize this golden opportunity to do good beyond the admirable goal of raising funds” for the pair of theaters.

PETA tells ITK that it has not yet heard back from Spacey.