Dem wears flip-flops to House floor
© Courtesy CSPAN

SPOTTED: Rep. Sheila Jackson LeeSheila Jackson LeeDem women rally behind Pelosi Liberals only care about sexism when it's convenient Dems call for emergency hearing in wake of attacks stemming from 'white supremacist views' MORE sporting a pair of white flip-flops with her pearls while on the House floor on Monday.

While the Texas Democrat was all business on top — wearing a red suit jacket with a black and white scarf and pearl necklace — she was ready to hit the beach on the bottom, with her toe-baring shoes. The House feed on C-SPAN did not capture the summer recess-worthy thongs.


An ITK spy who observed the warm weather footwear noted that earlier on Monday, Jackson Lee delivered a one-minute speech behind a podium near the center of the floor that happens to obscure the lower half of one’s body. Typically, lawmakers will go to the front of the chamber near the dais to give a speech at the podium stationed there.
In her blog,, former Hill staffer Abra Belke advises against daring to bare ones feet in flip-flops in the workplace.

“Unless you work in a very casual office, flip-flops are not acceptable work attire,” Belke writes. But for women who simply can’t resist the allure of the flip-flop, Belke advises: “You need to keep your feet in shape. You don’t need to paint your toes if you don’t want to, but they need to be cleaned, trimmed, and filed.”

Within an hour on Monday, Jackson Lee, 64, apparently flip-flopped on the type of footwear to don at the Capitol, switching to a pair of black, open-toed shoes.
— Cristina Marcos contributed.