Martha Raddatz: The arrogance-hating, 'Homeland'-loving correspondent
© Courtesy ABC

She’s covered countless hard-hitting stories, flown in fighter jets, and touched down in some of the most volatile places in the world, but it’s a certain “Homeland” star who really gets Martha Raddatz’s nerves going.

“I once met [Damian Lewis] for about two seconds and made a fool of myself,” says the 61-year-old chief global affairs correspondent for ABC News.

When she’s not getting flustered in front of British celebrities or reporting live from a warship (as she did recently in the Persian Gulf during the first American airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), Raddatz enjoys hiking and vacationing with pals and family. But don’t try putting any sassy Washington attitude on display in front of her — Raddatz says she has “zero-tolerance” for arrogance.


We wanted to know more about this foreign policy pro, former White House correspondent and 2012 vice presidential debate moderator, so we asked her these questions.

Grew up in: Salt Lake City, Utah

College attended: Dropped out of the University of Utah. Not my best move.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? A world traveler? I had the “anywhere but here” thing going.

Favorite hobby/activity: Hiking in Big Sur

Favorite/most hated food: I love every kind of food that is prepared well, especially fish and fresh salads. There is no food I don’t like. Although would prefer you leave nuts out of salad.


Most embarrassing moment/Most memorable moment: I am not telling.
Flying in an F-15 fighter jet on a combat mission in Afghanistan.

I’m happiest when: Personally, when I am on vacation with family and friends. Professionally — when I am overseas telling a gritty, all-consuming story.

What you like/dislike about D.C.: I love driving along the [George Washington] Parkway at night when the monuments come into view. No matter how tough a day, that centers me.
I have zero-tolerance for arrogance, especially the D.C. variety.

I have a fear of: Flying in storms.

Something that few know about you: My life outside work is far more normal than people imagine. It is cooking, dinner, and books or great TV series.