Goodbye, beige and drab; hello, bright red and fab.


Rep. Aaron Schock’s (R-Ill.) work digs in the Rayburn House Office Building reportedly got an extreme makeover of sorts, painted and redesigned to resemble the ornate dining room featured on “Downton Abbey.”

An interior designer worked her magic free of charge (although Schock apparently put up the moolah for materials) to transform the space from a typical Capitol Hill office to one outfitted with red-painted walls, a sconce with black candles, a chandelier, and feather-filled arrangements, according to The Washington Post.

The design guru, Annie Brahler, told the paper she also styled Schock’s former work pad in the Cannon House Office Building. Brahler said of the space inspired by PBS’s British period drama: “I guess because he’s fresh-minded and forward-thinking, he’s not hung up on doing things the same way as everyone else.” 

“It’s gotten to the point where he’s comfortable with everything I do," she added.

But apparently the 33-year-old congressman’s staff wasn’t nearly as comfy with the idea of Schock’s unusual office getting some press.

“He’s happy to talk to you,” an aide told the Post, “just not about the office.”