Pitbull a fan of Bush's 'slick' humor
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Rapper Pitbull appears to have a keen appreciation for a borderline R-rated joke Jeb Bush once told him.

The “Fun” singer recalled a “funny story” about the likely GOP presidential candidate during a Tuesday interview with Howard Stern on the radio host’s SiriusXM show.

According to Pitbull (whose real name is Armando Perez), the former Florida governor inquired as to how he got his stage moniker.


“I said, ‘Well, I was on the way to a pitbull fight, and a Dominican friend of mine was like, ‘Yo, that should be your name — you're always out here fighting these guys and battling in rap and this,’ ” the Miami-born entertainer says.

Pitbull continued with a laugh, “And Jeb goes, 'Well, good thing you weren't on the way to a cockfight.’ ”

“I was [like,] ‘Jeb, that was pretty slick!’ ” Pitbull exclaimed.

But even a quick, eyebrow-raising one-liner won’t win an endorsement from the Latin Grammy winner.

“Me, personally, am I here to endorse anybody? No. I definitely hang out, and I love to learn from everybody and hear different conversations, and what’s going on,” Pitbull told Stern. “If there’s any way that I can help without getting involved in that political field, that to me is the best, I would say, solution, in our situation.”

The entertainer, known as “Mr. Worldwide,” said his grandmother and mom “always say there’s two things you don’t speak about, which is politics and religion.”

Pitbull said, while no politician has actively sought his support, he does talk music with lawmakers: “No one’s contacted me asking for an endorsement. They’re just always reaching out, having a conversation. They may hit me up, [and say,] ‘Congratulations. Great performance at the Billboards,’ Things like that. But no one has come up front and said, ‘Hey, we want you part of our political party or our campaign.’ ”