Man bets Bush tattoo on Vine views
© Getty Images

A Jeb Bush supporter is putting his neck on the line for the former Florida governor, promising to get a Bush tattoo if his viral post hits one million views.


Vic Berger, a Pennsylvania-based freelance video editor, posted a Vine last Friday of the 2016 GOP White House hopeful talking about various Apple products and said he’d get a neck tattoo touting Bush’s candidacy if it hit one million views over the weekend:

Bush shared the Vine on Twitter trying help it reach the mark.

While the Vine failed to reach Berger’s goal by the end of the weekend, he has since modified the terms of his bet and will get the tattoo once the Vine hits one million loops. By noon on Monday, it had about 643,000.

Berger is not the first to float the idea of a campaign tattoo — Indiana man Eric Hartsburg tattooed 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s logo on the side of his face. Hartsburg has since worked to remove the tattoo.