Kirsten Dunst angling for White House Correspondents' dinner invite
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Kirsten Dunst is angling for an invite to a future White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

“I haven’t been to a White House Correspondents’ dinner yet,” the “Midnight Special” actress tells Capitol File magazine in its fall fashion issue.


Dunst, 33, says she was “invited once” to Washington’s annual celeb-filled gala (and one of the toughest tickets to snag) but “we couldn’t go.”

“I would love to go to that,” she says in a conversation with fellow actress Julianne Moore.

Besides hosting the ultra-VIP Correspondents’ spring shindig, the nation’s capital holds special significance for Dunst.

“I had my first kiss in Washington, D.C., in the Washington Monument, going up the elevator” she says.

While her entire class was traveling upward on the elevator during the eighth-grade field trip, Dunst says her schoolmate made his move: “It was dark in there, and there were little shafts of light that came through. I was into his friend, and my best friend was into him, and he kissed me. It was so funny — we had this big group class picture afterwards and I’m flipping off the camera. So much eighth-grade drama.”