50 Most Beautiful alum on C-SPAN, WWE

• An alum of The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful list has accomplished a feat that is likely impossible to duplicate: He appeared on both C-SPAN and in a WWE promo — on the very same day.

Mike Sacks, a congressional correspondent for The National Law Journal, snagged the No. 3 spot (the highest-ranking man on the list) on our annual ode to beauty in politics back in July.

On Monday, he was eyed in a clip C-SPAN used as part of an intro to a new series called “Landmark Cases: Historic Supreme Court Decisions.” A bespectacled Sacks is seen sitting directly behind Stephen Breyer when the Supreme Court justice testified on the court’s 2016 budget during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing earlier this year. Being front and center was intentional, Sacks tells ITK, in order to ask questions and listen in on conversations there.


But C-SPAN wasn’t the only outlet where the journalist could be seen on Monday: A much less low-key Sacks was on full display to wrestling fans.

A buddy got Sacks prime seating at the WWE’s “SummerSlam” in Brooklyn in August.

“During The Undertaker-Lesnar match, I must have known the camera was on me because I’m not usually that demonstrative of a fan in my older age,” the 33-year-old dad says.

Sacks is seen donning an über-fierce facial expression and raising his fist in a commercial that aired during the WWE’s “Monday Night Raw.”