Amazing Kreskin looks to 2016 and beyond
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The mentalist known as The Amazing Kreskin said he sees into the political future, and so far, 2016 ain’t lookin’ so pretty.

“I don’t think it’s going to change,” Kreskin warned of the current fractured state of Congress. “A lot of things are not going to change.”


But it gets much worse…

“A day is going to come when we will have the spirit we once had, when to fight a war — and this is a war the likes of which we’ve never had before — is going to take everyone involved.”

“It’s not a war against the United States,” Kreskin, who believes the military will bring back the draft, told ITK. “It’s a war against the free-thinking world.”

And if that’s not bad enough…

“I hope I’m wrong,” the author of the soon-to-be released book “In Real Time” added. “Honestly, and I say this in my heart and soul, I don’t believe there’s any human being alive to see the end of this war.”

But before the war to end all wars, Kreskin — who rose to fame with his many “The Tonight Show” appearances in the 1970s — said something will happen that will rock American politics.

“I think a very, very important change in government will take place in the next six or seven years that will involve two young men,” continued Kreskin, before adding, “I’m not saying that gals are not going to be involved as well.”

Kreskin foresees a few other economic and political changes coming our way. “I predict, regarding the $15 minimum wage, that yes, it will spread rapidly across the United States and it’s going to succeed in erasing and eradicating thousands of jobs.

“I also predict that the length of elections is going to change, but it’s not going to be for a long, long time in the future.”

While the 80-year-old TV personality, whose real name is George Kresge, claims to have correctly predicted the outcome of the past three elections, this time around, his lips are sealed.

“I have never, ever made in recent years my predictions of the elections public because people would be betting money because they heard what my decision is,” said Kreskin, who notes that he’s “not a fortune teller, but a thought reader.”

“I don’t have anything to publicize about who’s going to win. I believe I do know.”