He’s only 54, but President Obama is already predicting what he’ll be thinking on his deathbed one day.

“I’m old enough where I, you know, sadly, imagine my own mortality,” Obama said to chuckles from a group of interns in a video released Wednesday by the White House.


“If I think to myself, what’s the thing that I’m going to remember on my last breath, it’s not going to be anything to do with my office,” said Obama, dad to Malia, 17, and Sasha, 14. “I’m not going to be thinking about Grant Park and me getting elected. I’m not going to be thinking about even passing healthcare, as important as that has been.”

“What I’m going to remember is me holding my daughter’s hand, and walking her to the park, and seeing the sun go down, and pushing her on a swing,” Obama told the interns in an edited clip from a recent Q&A session. “That’s what I’m positive — that’s one thing I know. That’s what I’ll be thinking about."

The commander in chief also offered some advice for future parents: spend as much time with your kids as possible.

“If you come home and then all you’re doing is just sitting in front of a TV set, then you’re not really there anyway,” Obama said.

Telling the young White House interns to make time count at home, Obama advised, “Don’t be home and then you’re just vegging out. Don’t be home and you’re watching a ball game and once in awhile you say, ‘Hey, kid.’

“Be engaged.”