Jeb shares ideal guac ingredients

Jeb Bush is divulging one of his most hush-hush secrets: his guacamole recipe.


The GOP presidential candidate, who’s made no attempt to hide his love of the green dip, gave up (some of) the goods in an interview with NPR broadcast Thursday. Bush said it’s the first time he’s revealed the details to the confidential recipe, but he “didn’t give enough specifics” so as to keep its exact preparation “secret squirrel enough.”

Bush’s guacamole recipe — which, he says, must be whipped up in a molcajete — includes:

— avocados (According to the former Florida governor they must be “not too ripe, but they gotta be ripe enough.”
— cilantro
— jalapeno (“Rather than chile serrano,” says Bush.)
— onions
— garlic (But “not too much.”)

Bush decries the use of lemon or tomatoes in the avocado-based concoction.

The guacamole recipe revelation comes just hours after President Obama disclosed his own passion for guac.

In an episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” released Wednesday, Obama said his culinary guilty pleasure is nachos.

“That’s one of those where I have to have it taken away,” said Obama. “I’ll have the guacamole coming out of my eyeballs.”