Tim Allen: 'The Clintons are like herpes'
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Comedian Tim Allen is comparing Bill and Hillary Clinton to a sexually transmitted disease.

“The Clintons are like herpes: Just when you think they're gone, they show up again,” Allen told The Hollywood Reporter.

The actor, famous for his role in "Home Improvement," is known for expressing his conservative political views on television.


He went on to suggest that all of the female writers on his current show, "Last Man Standing," will only vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 because she is a woman.

He didn’t spare other politicians from his jokes, either, taking a shot at Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. “We’re not sure he’s going to last” in the race, he said.

“Trump can’t send everybody to Mexico,” Allen added. “Forget the stupid [things] he says about immigrants. That’s just ignorant." 

Allen also called Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders a “nice guy.”