President Obama could be coming soon to a car near you — the commander in chief jokes he might take on a job as an Uber driver after he leaves the White House.

“Uber,” Obama says with a grin when asked in a recent chat with actress Gina Rodriguez for Latino digital media company mitú about what his plans are to beef up his resume when his term ends.


Obama, 55, isn’t the only Washington type to jest about hitting the road as an Uber driver following his political career.

Former GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush made a surprise appearance at September’s Emmy Awards, pulling up in a black car and sporting a cap as host Jimmy Kimmel’s Uber driver.

“Are you nominated? Wow, what’s that like?” Bush asked.

If the Uber gig doesn’t work out, Obama apparently has some other ideas for his post-White House life.

“You know, I’m going to sleep for two weeks,” he told Rodriguez.

“Honestly, we’ll continue to work on providing opportunities for disadvantaged youth. We’ll continue to work on making sure girls get the same education that boys get. So all the things we’ve been doing, we’ll continue to do,” Obama said.

He added, “We won’t have Air Force One, that’s all.”