Jimmy Kimmel is getting beat up on social media by President Trump's supporters, he revealed Wednesday night by reading some of the comments he's received on social media since a monologue criticizing Trump's response to the violence in Charlottesville, Va.

“Does Baby Jimmy want his bottle?” said one message to the ABC late-night host.

“Stop crying on TV, you snowflake,” read another.

“Jimmy Kimmel reminds me of demented little kid at a social gathering. Where in the hell is this kid’s parents? They should be arrested for giving birth to him,” read another.


“Jimmy Kimmel is the worst talk show host and most stupid person I have ever seen,” read a fourth post. “Stupid Kimmel as far as I am concerned is a racist and is promoting racism.”

The night before, the host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in a message to Trump supporters said they should admit that they “made a mistake” in supporting him and move on.

He joked that the response to his message from Trump supporters was pretty negative.

“If you try to understand where people are coming from and talk to them like human beings, they will open up,” he said before reading the mean tweets. “You just have to communicate.”

“If Jimmy Kimmel heard a firecracker as he was walking by himself anywhere, he would wear his pants like the little coward he is,” said another critical tweet.

Kimmel mocked the typo in the last post, saying it was “well said” and that he usually wears pants whenever he goes out.