Breitbart to sell Steve Bannon fidget spinners

Major conservative news outlet Breitbart is selling fidget spinners with Stephen Bannon’s face on it, less than a week after the former chief strategist to President Trump left the White House to resume his leadership position at the site. 

Fidget spinners, a toy that's gained new popularity in 2017, spin around in users' hands and fingers. 

The orange Bannon spinners have a photo of Bannon and "#WAR" written under him on one side, a reference to a recurring Breitbart motto. The other side features the Breitbart logo. Breitbart's website promises that the Bannon toy will spin for two minutes.


The website's online store offers a single spinner for $7.95. 

Advertised as a way to give liberals “something to do between pulling down monuments," a reference to recent controversies over Confederate monuments, the website jokes that it could comfort leftists "at times like these."

"Leftists need comfort at times like these," the spinner's description reads.

Breitbart staffers celebrated Bannon's return to the site last week, but others have lashed out at Trump for removing him from the White House, with one Breitbart editor declaring "war" after Bannon's ouster.