House candidate launching 450-mile campaign run

There’s running for office, and then there’s actually lacing up your sneakers and sweating it out running for office. 

Congressional candidate Ian Golden is getting his running shoes ready as he preps to take his campaign on the road for a journey hundreds of miles long … all on foot.

“It’s about 450 miles,” Golden told ITK on Tuesday, before he was just starting his epic run across New York’s 23rd district. “If I can do it in a month, that’s my target.”

Golden, 40, is one of several Democrats vying to replace Republican Rep. Tom Reed (N.Y.) in 2018. The district is massive, encompassing 11 counties and a geographic region the size of New Jersey.

As the owner of an Ithaca running store, long jogs are nothing new for Golden. He finished his first 100-mile race last year. But his latest effort brings some uncertainty with it.

“I’ve done some endurance events in the past, but I haven’t done one where it’s been this amount of volume week after week,” he says.

“I honestly don’t know whether my body will take 450 miles in 30 days or not,” he said.

The father of two says he plans on running about 15 miles a day and stopping at various community events and businesses along the way. Supporters can even track his progress on his campaign website through a GPS beacon he’ll be carrying with him.

The political newcomer brushes aside any critics who might see the run as more of a publicity-seeking marathon, saying, “This project speaks to who I am.”

“It doesn’t matter what somebody’s political ideology is or whether you come from opposing groups,“ Golden said about his love of running. “It’s just a way that’s always been an inroad for me to connect with people and build a community.”