Baseball fans protest at Cardinals game: ‘No justice, no baseball’
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Protesters unfurled a banner and chanted slogans during a Major League Baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday, according to reports.

Demonstrators in St. Louis unfurled a banner reading "Stop Killing Us," displaying the Cardinals' mascot in the stands Friday during the game while chanting “No Justice. No Baseball” and “You can’t stop the revolution," Reuters reported on Saturday.

The group was escorted out of the stadium by authorities where they met up with hundreds of other protesters for a march that was broken up by police wearing riot gear and carrying pepper spray. At least two protesters were arrested, according to the news service.


The protest comes just two weeks after a white former St. Louis police officer was acquitted of murder charges in the 2011 shooting death of a black motorist, Anthony Lamar SmithLamar Seeligson SmithComstock joins K Street firm Congress can stop the war on science Yoder, Messer land on K Street MORE.

In a statement at the time, Missouri's Gov. Eric Greitens (R) said that the verdict would "cause pain" for many St. Louis residents, but pleaded for peaceful protests.

“We know this verdict causes pain for many people," Greitens said. "I'm committed to protecting everyone's constitutional right to protest peacefully, while also protecting people's lives, homes, and communities. For anyone who protests, please do so peacefully.”