U.S. ambassador to Russia does first interview with his daughter on Fox News

In his first interview since being appointed ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman sat down with a journalist with a familiar face — his daughter.

Abby Huntsman interviewed her father on Thursday morning’s “Fox and Friends,” asking him about working with President Trump and his Cabinet, the political challenges of working with Russian leadership and the progress of his Russian language skills.

“This is about the height of awesomeness, to be interviewed by my daughter,” Jon Huntsman said in the interview.


The ambassador choked up talking about Americans’ “commitment to service” and “volunteer spirit.”

“You’re going make me cry, don’t do that,” Abby Huntsman said.

Abby Huntsman’s mother, Mary Kaye, joined the conversation too, to talk about how the family will handle a move to Russia, leaving five of her seven children and several grandchildren in the U.S.


“We are always running by the seat of our pants … when this job came up, I didn’t even bat an eye,” Mary Kaye Huntsman said. “There was no question, when your dad was asked to do this.”

The family ended the interview with an embrace, and a kiss on the forehead from the ambassador to his daughter.