Stephen Colbert has raised $1 million for Puerto Rico with his social media campaign asking for awkward photos of celebrities.

For the #PuberMe campaign, the late-night host pledged to personally donate $1,000 for each celebrity who tweeted an awkward photo from their teenage years.

From celebrity photos alone, the effort raised $233,000, but comedian Nick Kroll, CBS and Colbert’s Americone Dream Fund also chipped in.


Colbert said he would donate an additional $266,000 for the 75,000 awkward photos that were posted online by viewers of "The Late Show."

After announcing several more contributions, Colbert lamented that the total raised was just shy of $1 million.

“We came so close, but what can we do? If only we had one more awkward celebrity puberty photo, but we just don’t,” Colbert said.

Then "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda joined Colbert for a surprise visit onstage to promote his new song, “Almost Like Praying,” the proceeds of which will be donated to Puerto Rico relief.

Miranda, who is of Puerto Rican descent, said while he didn’t have an awkward teen photo to share with Colbert, he played a video of his 13-year-old self making up a song about Puerto Rico.

“That video was absolutely worth $1,000, which means our new grand total is a whopping $1 million,” Colbert said.