Late-night television host Jimmy KimmelJames (Jimmy) Christian KimmelBiden to appear on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' on Friday Connor Roy may never be president, but Alan Ruck did drive in the motorcade Jimmy Kimmel responds to Lauren Boebert calling him a 'sexist pig' MORE in a new interview said he doesn't regret talking politics even if it is decreasing his popularity among Republican viewers.

"Yeah, I mean, I saw, I don't know if it was a study or a poll, some combination of those two things, that, like, three years ago I was equally liked by Republicans and Democrats,” Kimmel told a CBS News correspondent when asked about the risk in him becoming political about issues like health care and gun control during his show.


“And then Republican numbers went way down, like 30 percent or whatever. And, you know, as a talk show host, that's not ideal. But I would do it again in a heartbeat," he said.

Kimmel, who hosts ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live," weighed in on the health-care debate earlier this year when he issued a plea to lawmakers about pre-existing conditions. He also disclosed that his son was born with a heart defect.

"I don't say, 'I don't mind.' I'd love for everyone — I want everyone with a television to watch the show,” Kimmel told CBS when asked if he doesn’t mind that Republicans stop watching his late-night show.

“But if they're so turned off by my opinion on health care and gun violence, then I don't know. I probably won't want to have a conversation with them anyway," he continued. 

"Well, not 'good riddance,' but riddance!" he added.