Seth Meyers ripped Fox News for its coverage of the Russia investigation, saying that while most networks were showing “wall to wall” coverage of the indictments released, Fox debated about where the cheese belongs on the hamburger emoji.

“The cheese is underneath the hamburger, who does that?” a Fox News host said in a clip.

“Unless the answer is Paul Manafort, who cares?” Meyers responded during his Tuesday "Late Night" show. 

“Fox News, if you really want to talk about emojis, you could at least focus on the ones that are relevant to the Trump White House,” Meyers joked, showing an image of the poop and fire emojis.


Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his associate Richard Gates face a 12-count indictment that includes charges of conspiracy against the United States and money laundering. News of the indictments broke early Tuesday morning, prompting many news outlets to cover Manafort and the investigation of Russia's election meddling throughout the day. 

Fox News did cover the indictments but paused to discuss the hamburger emoji during "Fox & Friends." Screenshots went viral on Twitter, comparing the Fox News coverage to that of other networks.