Louise Linton 'adopts' 11 turkeys for Thanksgiving

Actress Louise Linton, wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, “adopted” 11 turkeys this Thanksgiving.

Linton posted an image of a turkey “adoption certificate” on her Instagram page, linking to the Farm Sanctuary, a farm animal rescue and advocacy organization.

“Happy thanksgiving everyone!! I love this holiday! I celebrated by adopting 11 turkeys for all my animal loving friends from @farmsanctuary Adopt a Turkey Project, a beloved tradition that helps us honor turkeys each Thanksgiving season,” Linton wrote in a caption.


Linton most recently made headlines for posing with her husband and sheets of dollar bills newly printed with Mnuchin’s signature.

The adoption certificate Linton posted was for adopting a turkey named Bowie, who, according to Farm Sanctuary’s website, “is a confident, assertive leader who loves to strut proudly in front of his rooster fans and enjoys chatting with the turkeys who live next door.”