Geraldo Rivera apologizes for 'embarrassing' Bette Midler
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Geraldo Rivera on Friday apologized to Bette Midler for "embarrassing her" during an incident in which she says he groped her, as well as for his “tawdry” 1991 memoir.

The Fox News personality’s memoir, “Exposing Myself,” detailed a number of sexual encounters that he said were consensual.

Rivera’s comments come the day Midler resurfaced a clip from a 1991 interview where she detailed an incident where she says Rivera and his producer drugged and groped her.

Midler tweeted out the clip with a caption demanding Rivera apologize for the incident.


Rivera was already under fire for a series of tweets defending Matt Lauer after he was fired from NBC News over sexual harassment and assault accusations. Rivera apologized later for the tweets, which called news a “flirty business” and said that the 2017 wave of sexual misconduct accusations is leading people to “criminalize courtship.”

In a second tweet on Friday, Rivera apologized to Midler for "embarrassing her," noting that he recalls the incident “much differently.”