'House of Cards' to resume with new cast members Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear
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“House of Cards” is resuming production — and adding a pair of Oscar-nominated actors to its cast — after sexual misconduct allegations against the show’s former star, Kevin Spacey, caused it to grind to a halt.

Diane Lane of "Unfaithful" and Greg Kinnear of "Little Miss Sunshine" will join the political thriller for its final season, Netflix announced on Wednesday. ITK hears the two performers will play siblings in the sixth season of the series.


Spacey will not be returning to the show, according to The New York Times.

The show began filming again on Wednesday after production was abruptly halted when allegations against Spacey came to light last year. Spacey, 58, played the show’s corrupt and conniving protagonist, President Frank Underwood.

Actor Anthony Rapp said last October that Spacey made a sexual pass at him in 1986, when Rapp was 14.

A month later, CNN reported that eight people who currently and previously worked on “House of Cards” described the work environment as “toxic,” with one source claiming Spacey sexually assaulted him during an early season of the show.

Netflix had previously said it would “not be involved with any further production of ‘House of Cards’ that includes Kevin Spacey.”

Robin Wright, who stars as a first lady with Oval Office ambitions, will return to her Emmy-nominated role on the show, according to Netflix.

A premiere date for the final "House of Cards" season hasn't been announced yet.